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Whether you’re preparing for retirement, or looking for income now, Leverage has a robust marketplace of highly-rated insurance carriers and annuity solutions.

Fixed Annuities

Get a guaranteed return with a fixed interest rate over a specific period. This type of annuity is ideal for those seeking stable and predictable income in retirement.

  • Guaranteed Returns:

    Fixed interest rate ensures predictable income.

  • Low Risk:

    Ideal for conservative investors seeking stability.

  • Tax-Deferred Growth:

    Interest accumulates tax-free until withdrawal.

Indexed Annuities

Indexed annuities offer returns based on a specific market index, like the S&P 500, combining the potential for higher returns with the protection of a minimum guaranteed interest rate.

  • Market-Linked Growth:

    Potential for higher returns linked to market performance.

  • Downside Protection:

    Guarantees minimum return, reducing risk.

  • Flexible Options:

    Offers various indexing strategies to fit different investment goals.

Immediate Annuities

Immediate annuities are designed for those seeking immediate income. Upon investing a lump sum, you start receiving regular payments almost immediately, providing a quick income stream.

  • Instant Income:

    Payments begin shortly after investment.

  • Income Security:

    Provides a steady, predictable income for life or a specified term.

  • Simplicity:

    Straightforward structure, easy to understand and manage.

Lock in your retirement with predictable, guaranteed income

When structured appropriately, annuities provide numerous benefits

Protection Against Market Fluctuations

Annuities provide a shield against volatility in the markets, ensuring your investment remains stable even during economic downturns

Guaranteed Income for Life

Lifetime income guarantees alleviates the concern of depleting retirement funds, providing you with financial stability as long as you need it.

Provide Financial Security for Retirement

Annuities transform your savings into a steady stream of income, providing peace of mind and a reliable financial foundation for your retirement years

Funding Long Term Care Expenses

Annuities can strategically be used to cover long-term care expenses, ensuring you have the necessary funds when the need for care arises

Unbiased & Comprehensive

We pride ourselves on being neutral. By partnering with all major insurance carriers, we ensure you get the best price and coverage for your unique needs.

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